Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nicknames for Leonard Cohen:

It must be about a year ago that I attended the wonderful Leonard Cohen Concert in Auckland's Vector Stadium, the best live concert I have ever attended.
So I was interested to come across the following item on the International Institute of Modern Letters oocasional newsletter on Friday.

Nicknames for Leonard Cohen:

Lord Byron Of Rock’n’Roll
Bard Of The Boudoir
Ladies Man
Grandson Of The Prince Of Grammarians
Master Of Erotic Despair
Master Of Romantic Despair
High Priest Of Pathos
Poet Laureate Of Pessimism
Grocer Of Despair
Prophet of Despair
Poet Laureate Of Commitophobes
Bard Of Bedsits
Dr. Kevorkian Of Song
Beautiful Creep
Godfather Of Gloom
Prince Of Bummers
Troubadour Of Travail
Laughing Len
Laughing Lennie
Captain Mandrax
Poet of Rock and Roll
Master of the Egg Salad Sandwich
Poet of the Holy Sinners
Poet Of Existential Despair
Jikan, Jikan The Useless Monk, Silent One
Poet Of Bedsit Angst
Gloom Merchant
Bourgeois Individualist Poet
Grand Master of Melancholia
Durable Hipster
Legendary Ladies Man
Existential Comedian
Spin Doctor For The Apocalypse
Grizzled Prophet
Damaged Priest
Hippie Icon
Apocalyptic Lounge Lizard
Jeremiah Of Tin Pan Alley
Amiable Gangster
Poetic Playboy
Emotional Imperialist
Restless Pilgrim
Patron Saint Of Angst
Smiling Dada Of Despair
Montreal Mensch
Prince of Pain and Crown Prince of Pain
Joking Troubadour of Gloom and Troubadour of Gloom
Master Of Sexy Melancholy
High Priest Of Solitude
Disappearing Mr. Mysterioso
Master Of Misery
Maestro Of Melancholy
Poet Of Love
Patron Saint Of Disappointment
Prince of Precision
Poet Of Pleasure And Pain
Bard of Our Great Depression
Godfather Of Miserablism
Coolest White Man On The Planet
Poet Of Swinging Suicides
Master Of Duende
Bleak Baritone
Troubadour Of Love
Cat In The Hat
Mel Torme of the Terminally Downbeat

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