Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tuesday Poem - Bookcase Full of Closed Books Wants To Sing

This week Tuesday Poem has at its hub a prose poem with an intriguing title by Wellington poet Joan Fleming: Bookcase Full of Closed Books Wants To Sing.  From her debut book of poetry The Same As Yes, which will be launched on November 17 the poem shows why Fleming already has a following among poets in this country, and why her book when it is launched will most definitely sing loud and long. 
As this week's TP editor Helen Heath says, 'The whole collection is a series of conversations, beautiful and strange. Everyday things take on their own life, if only we can stop and notice them. I love these mysterious and strange little gems. '
In the sidebar of the Tuesday Poem are a flock of poems posted by the 30 Tuesday Poets from the US, UK, NZ and Australia - more poems with intriguing titles like Wilde's Symphony in Yellow and Beynon's The Loud Absence of Words. 
Why not click on the Tuesday Poem link and let those poets sing....

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