Friday, March 02, 2012

Beautiful bookshelves - in pictures,

Most of us can only aspire to Ikea, but Alex Johnson's Bookshelf takes a beguiling look at the possibilities available if your budget, your rooms and your library are big enough. Here he takes us on a browse through some of the most beautiful

Take a scan of our readers' shelves, and share your own on our Flickr gallery


arnaud b said...

Hello Graham,
I ended up on your blog post googling for "Keith Haring Little Angel shelf black light". I was looking for a picture of the superb shelf I had seen last week at the current Keith Haring expo in Paris. Unsurprisingly, I end up w/o the image I was looking for, but with another one which strikes just as much: the photo of the slanted bookshelf you chose to illustrate your blogpost. I was wondering if you had details about it. Designer? Website? Name? I would indeed love to make a similar one myself.
Arnaud, Paris

Graham Beattie said...

Sorry Arnaud, can't help with that.