Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Compleat Cityscapes - David McGill reports

For those as missed the launch by Mayor Celia in the magnificent Council Chambers a predecessor of hers wanted to bowl, you can see on YouTube (google ‘Grant Tilly’), on my Facebook page and on my website www.davidmcgill.co.nz the 15 minute film played at launch of myself and Grant talking about The Compleat Cityscapes the first time Grant saw it, filmed in his home among his beautiful cornucopia of his own radiant artwork (okay, that is a bit OTT) a few weeks before he died. Dare I say ENJOY!

PS Monte Holcroft used to counsel us not to use exclamation marks or too much alliteration, so bless me, Monte, for I have sinned grievously in word and deed.
PPS Book available from my website, all 497 pages of A4 landscape Norbook art cream paper, for $50 plus $8 postage and packaging, or bookshops at RRP$64.99.

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