Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Save TVNZ 7

If you're in Auckland tonight come to the public meeting at Freemans Bay Community Centre from 7- 9pm.  15 May, 2012

Brian Edwards is moderating a discussion with Clare Curran, Julie Anne Genter, Andrew Williams, Joe Atkinson and the public. We're still hoping a representative from the Government joins us as well to explain the policy of closing down New Zealand's last Public Service TV channel. 

Here's some links to what's been going on in the news...

Last Attempt To Save TVNZ 7

Q&A Clare Curran Discusses her Private Members Bill

SBS in Australia gets additional funding and is adding a fourth channel

A couple of us have a yack, to Chris Diack
And of course the first Save TVNZ 7 ad went out in the NZ Herald last Friday which got a great reaction with masses of hits to the website.

Online Petition
The Save TVNZ 7 Online Petition has tonight topped 22,000. This is an amazing achievement and a year ago we would have thought it was impossible. It just goes to show what a lot of word-of-mouth and a newspaper ad can achieve. If you haven't emailed your mates about Save TVNZ 7 please flick them a quick email saying something like...
"Hey Guys, Please sign the online petition at www.savetvnz7.co.nz! Why? Because TVNZ 7 is awesome and the Government has cut its meagre funding and I'm really gutted."

or you could say something like...

"Dear Friends, TVNZ 7 is being closed down by a Government that seems intent on dumbing us down so we keep voting for them. Sign the petition - www.savetvnz7.co.nz"

or say...
"I'm really disappointed in John Key. For the sake of $16m a year, the government are closing down TVNZ 7, NZ's only Public Service TV channel. Australia has five such channels and recently increased funding by $85m. If you've never seen TVNZ 7 it's an entertaining, quirky and intelligent channel full of local programmes and has no ads. Please sign the petition to ask the government to give it another chance - www.savetvnz7.co.nz"

Whatever style you choose, it'd be great to get the petition total up to 25,000.

As always we really, really appreciate everyone's generosity so far and we'll always gratefully accept more donations for the cause. Send financial help to the Save TVNZ 7 bank account - Kiwibank 38-9006-0783529-04 and please put 'donation' in the details. We are totally non-profit and none of us are being paid but we're not a registered charity so we can't give donators a tax receipt, sorry.
     And please continue hounding your MPs about TVNZ 7. It's not over yet and they make the decision. So please email Craig Foss, John Key and Wayne Walden - new Chair of TVNZ Board. And don't forget your local MP and any List MP from any party. You can find their contact details here.

...and New
We've got a new Save TVNZ 7 badge designed by the brilliant artist, Nigel Brown. They'll be on sale along with lots of our other badges, stickers and T-shirts, at the public meetings.

And finally we're asking our friends (that's you) to send us photos of yourselves in striking poses for our future ad campaigns. We'd like shots that put you in context (however that might be) and also a little rant about why TVNZ 7 is important to you. We'll be compiling lots of the photos into an ad to show the government that there are real people who'll be affected by the closure of TVNZ 7. Send it to savetvnz7@gmail.com and note that by doing so you agree to have your photo put on the internet and in newspapers up and down the country. So remember to SMILE.
     Thanks for everything everybody. It's actually going really well, so all power to us!

Aucklanders, don't forget the little get-together tonight.

And for the rest of you there are meetings coming up around the country as per below.
  • Wellington - 21st May, 7-9pm at the Wesley Church Hall, Taranaki St, City with Sue Kedgley, Tom Frewen, Peter Thompson and Clare Curran moderated by Wallace Chapman.
  • Nelson - 25th May, 6-8pm at the Trafalgar Pavillion Hall, Trafalgar Street, Nelson. Speakers to be announced.
  • Christchurch - 28th May, CPSA building, 5 Madras St, City. Speakers to be announced.
  • Palmerston North - 6th June, 7-9pm at the All Saints Church Hall, cnr of The Square and Church Street. Speakers to be announced.
  • Dunedin - 7th June, 6-8pm at the Barnett Theatre, 1st floor of Dunedin Hospital, Great King Street, City. Speakers to be announced.
  • Hamilton - 13th June at the University of Waikato. Speakers to be announced.

Thank you
The Save TVNZ 7 team

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