Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diary of a Dog-Walker

.Edward Stourton’s columns, recording his regular excursions with Kudu, the Springer spaniel, appeared fortnightly in the Telegraph from May 2009 until September 2010. They form the basis for this witty, charming and revealing book of canine musings. 
Ed’s focus might momentarily seem trivial, but his canvas proves to be immeasurably wide. Kudu’s small trips to the park offer big insights into romantic attachment, warfare, guilt and depression, honour and heroism, our sense of duty, beauty and the hard facts of life’s pecking order. 
 Engaging and enlightening, Diary of a Dog-Walker will be utterly irresistible for any man or woman with a dog.

Diary of a Dog-Walker
Edward Stourton
Black Swan - NZ$24.99

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